Professional Solution Co. is established to become a leader in providing facades system profiles for the commercial and residential sectors in the MENA Region.

Professional Solution Co is part of SGI Group. Specialized Glass Industries Group K.S.C.C. (SGI Group) established as a construction facades conglomerate, with international aspirations, built around a large capacity and technologically advanced glass coater, with goals of becoming the leading fabricator, installer, and distributor of glass, aluminium, steel, and stone.

SGI Group's unmatched product line and experience has created a comprehensive solution to satisfy virtually any architectural structural facades requirements. Deep-roated regional operational expertise forms the basis for SGI Group's international expansions namely in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The New Era

In 2010 a strategic partnership between SGI-Group and GS Sistemi took place to develop the whole ME Market, to present the high quality products and to offer the best service for our precious clients. GS-ME will be looking after GCC, LEVANT, North Africa and India to better serve our clients in terms of quality service a time saving.

Architectural Applications:

  • Unitized Systems
  • Wood Aluminum (Thermal & Non-Thermal).
  • Curtain Wall.
  • Hinged Windows & Doors (Thermal & Non-Thermal).
  • Sliding Widows & Doors.
  • Sunblade Splines.
  • Blind System.

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